10 Career Lessons from Game of Thrones

The Hit TV Series is Secretly Packed With Great Career Advice

8. Trust Your Gut

Have you ever received an opportunity that would be a promotion and pays more money, yet you’re hesitant because it just doesn’t feel right? Well, maybe you should trust that gut instinct and carefully consider it.

Ned Stark had a good thing going as the Lord of Winterfell. He was a wise and just ruler of the North, where he truly loved living with his family and friends. He wasn’t super wealthy, but his job provided for his family and he lived better than most.

But then King Robert came to visit with an offer of making Ned “Hand of the King” – putting him second in command of the entire realm. Despite being offered a position most would jump at, Ned was doubtful. He worried about moving himself and his family to King’s Landing, a place of conniving treachery and morals unbefitting of a humble man of the North who lacked political aspirations. His wife also begged him not to go, and there was even a warning sign from the gods (the Dire Wolf being killed by the antler of a stag).

Despite all the warning signs, Ned went. And as a result of not trusting his instincts, he lost his head. Literally. Granted, the consequences won't be as extreme for workers, but the principle is still the same.