10 Career Lessons from Game of Thrones

The Hit TV Series is Secretly Packed With Great Career Advice

7. Become Indispensable

If you’re not high born (or a relative or friend of management in the real world), then you’ll have to work that much harder to set yourself apart and earn success.

Enter Petyr Baelish.

Despite humble beginnings, Petyr managed to maneuver his way into a top spot on the Small Council, as master of coin. No one really knows the financial situation of the realm, but Petyr always manages to juggle the debt and borrow accordingly, making him appear to be a financial wizard the Seven Kingdoms can’t do without.

But the ambitious Lord Baelish always has his sights set on the next big thing, and never stops working behind the scenes to achieve success. He eventually marries a rich woman and becomes Lord of the Vale, and also masterminded a coup to oust King Joffrey and change leadership.

Even though some of his efforts were underhanded to say the least, Petyr always remains relevant and never stops working and scheming behind closed doors to get ahead.