10 Tips for Job Hunters Over 50

How Older Workers Can Better Overcome Obstacles to Getting Hired

Older Workers Have a Tougher Time Getting a Job

While the U.S. job market continues to make slow but steady gains, finding a job in the current economy is still challenging. All job seekers today face significantly more obstacles than they did a decade ago, but those over the age of 50 have a few extra hurdles to clear. 

According to a recent survey done by ExecuNet, a member organization for senior-level executives, a Vice President over the age of 50 takes 20% longer to get hired than a 41- to 45-year-old at the same level. While this may not be the greatest news for those who already feel as if their search may go on forever, senior seekers need to hang in there.

With the right strategy, gray hair and laugh lines shouldn’t keep you in the unemployment lines.