11 of the Fastest-Growing Jobs in America

Find Out Which Jobs Will Be In Demand By 2020

7. Market Research Analyst/Marketing Specialist

Expected increase in jobs: 41.2%
Median annual salary: $51,377/$53,045

The BLS lists these two careers together, probably because they're both on the rise and work hand-in-hand.

Market research analysts perform research and pore over market data in an attempt to figure out if conditions are suitable for a particular product or service. Analysts are responsible not only for determining how conditions and changes in the industry will affect sales, but also for surveying competitors as well. Although laborious, it is the backbone of every marketing plan.

Once an analyst has done his/her due diligence and the project moves forward, it's up to the marketing specialist to create a program that will advance the product and grow market share. Understanding consumer trends to effectively reach customers is a vital job component, and knowledge of how media works is also a must.

These two jobs will see nearly 117,000 additional positions open up by 2020, according to the BLS.

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