11 Odd Jobs with High Salaries

These Under-the-Radar Jobs Have Surprising Salaries

4. Locomotive Engineer

Annual median salary: $63,620

Admit it -- at one point in your life you wanted to be the conductor of a train. It’s understandable since trains are cool, but you might not have realized it’s also fairly profitable.

Locomotive engineers operate passenger and freight trains. In addition to monitoring things like speed, air pressure, battery, etc. during the trip, they must inspect the train and prepare routes and scheduling prior to every trip. While putting "train conductor" on your resume is impressive, locomotive engineers often work well more than 40 hours, lots of nights and weekends.

Train engineers must be at least 21 years old, have a high school diploma, and years of training involving classroom instruction, simulators and on-the-job training. They must also possess a federal license.

Skilled labor positions are always in demand.