11 Reasons Your Co-workers Hate You

These Bad Habits Leave Your Co-workers Seething

7. You're Lazy

Laziness isn't one of the 7 Deadly Sins for nothing.

Every office has at least a handful of these lazy employees. They've been around for a few years, don't like their jobs very much, and therefore do as little as possible -- basically only performing in their duties enough to not get fired and keep collecting a paycheck. So while they might perform the bare minimum, don't look for these workers to carry their weight as part of a team or contribute anything worthwhile during a big project. Yet they never have any problem accepting the credit courtesy of the people who actually did work hard -- hence the reason lazy workers made this list.

We get that you're unhappy, but if work is so bad that you can't see fit to put forth any effort whatsoever, just leave. You're cheating the company, your co-workers who hate you a little more every day, and ultimately yourself. Contribute or be gone!