11 Reasons You Didn't Get the Job

Here Are the REAL Reasons You Didn't Get Hired!

10. Looking Like a Slob

In the hours (and maybe days) before a first date, men and women spend an inordinate amount of time picking an outfit, doing their hair and caring immensely about how they look. And just like a first date, looks matter in a job interview as well.

Dress professionally. Iron your clothes, run a comb through your hair and make yourself presentable. Zip up your zippers, button your blouses and wipe the crumbs off your shirt. If you have pets, make sure you pack a lint brush and give yourself a once-over before the interview. Are looks the most important thing? Certainly not. But that saying about first impressions is definitely true, so try to make the best one possible.

If it comes down to two candidates with equal work experience, skills and education, make sure you’re doing your best to win all the tiebreakers.