11 Signs You're Not Getting a Raise

How to Know If You'll Be Getting a Raise at Your Next Performance Review

The Best Doesn't Always Win

If only competition in the workplace mirrored the simplicity of Olympic swimming. Whoever does the best job and touches the wall first, wins. It's the winner who goes on to earn bonus money via endorsements, and your smiling face lands on a box of breakfast cereal! If only it were as easy as slamming that completed report in the boss’ hand and stepping right up on a big corner office desk for a playing of the National Anthem and an instant raise and promotion.

But there’s no winning buzzer in your department (just the occasional annoying ringtone), and sometimes it seems there’s no reward at all for your winning performance. Why is that? While there’s no accounting for bad ringtone choices, there might be a reason you're not being recognized with a raise while others are, and there's also something you can do about it. So here are some things that'll keep you from stepping onto the winning podium and collecting your just rewards.