11 Social Media Mistakes You Don't Even Know You're Making

These Social Media Blunders Could be Hurting You Personally & Professionally

3. Falling Victim to "Tagging"

Perhaps you've gone to great lengths to control every ounce of information that's on your page. Good job. The only problem is, your friends might still be able to sink your ship.

If you are social media friends with some less-than-discreet people who go tag-happy after a couple of drinks or have a tendency to toss "inside jokes" out where they don’t belong, you need to protect yourself. In addition to asking them politely not tag you in potentially humiliating photos, you can also adjust your settings so that anyone who tags you in a picture has to ask for permission first. This will prevent those embarrassing pictures of you passed out at a bachelor(ette) party or the time you fell asleep and all your friends drew on your face.

Also, it’s smart to search links to your name from time to time. Yes, you can (and should) Google, Bing and Yahoo yourself. Knowing what employers will find when they search for you will help you explain it during the interview.