12 Tips for Handling Valentine's Day at the Office

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue -- Keep Both of Them to Yourself on Feb. 14

We've Told You What Not to Do, Here Are the Simple Dos

It's simple really. Less is more.

Consider Valentine's Day at the office to be of the same significance as the outside weather is to your climate controlled comfort. General goodwill is fine. Specific warm feelings are not.

DO send professional compliments (Nice job on leading the meeting! Your brainpower was invaluable). DO compliment the bounties of others (Um...nice stuffed bear). DO keep in mind there are 365 other days in this year. (It’s a leap year. Thought you had us, didn’t you?)

This is really one of the easier holidays to navigate professionally. Best advice? Ignore it until 5 p.m.