12 Tips for Handling Valentine's Day at the Office

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue -- Keep Both of Them to Yourself on Feb. 14

Don't Enable the Despondent

It's inevitable. Holidays are prime break-up times. If it didn't happen over New Year's, it's bound to sideswipe somebody pre-Valentine's Day. 

There are stages. First comes sobbing in a bathroom stall. Hand over tissues and light condolences before heading back to your desk. Stage 2 could include anger and/or regret. At this point, be thankful Cupid is not in the building with a ready stash of arrows. Deflect, encourage and, again, head back to your desk.

Do not enable drama. Present the bigger picture. Show your co-worker his or her place within it. Stage 3, acceptance, will surely follow.