Career Test: What's Your Workplace Personality?

Find Out Which of the 12 Career Archetypes You Fit Into

1. The Innocent

The Innocent archetype represents the good, the pure and hopeful in the world. If the Innocent archetype is present in your life, you tend to be idealistic, valuing goodness, optimism and wholesomeness. You appreciate tradition and have respect for rules and principles.

Strengths: Innocents are loyal and trusting, full of hope for the future and have an ability to inspire these things in others. Innocents value tradition and family, and work hard to preserve a vision of the ideal life.

Traps to Avoid: The Innocent can be somewhat naïve at times, putting too much faith in the way things are "supposed" to be. This can lead to an inability to see personal limits or think about new ways of doing things. When a crisis occurs, the Innocent can get stuck in deep denial.

Ideal Company Culture: An Innocent will feel comfortable in a traditional company with a clear vision for the future. Look for a company that values loyalty and security and a job without a lot of need for crisis management.

Potential Career Matches for Innocents:
Skilled & Trades

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