Career Test: What's Your Workplace Personality?

Find Out Which of the 12 Career Archetypes You Fit Into

2. The Everyperson

The Everyperson archetype is deeply concerned with fairness, equality and teamwork. These people often have a down to earth and unpretentious outlook and have little patience for people who put on airs.

Strengths: If you have a strong Everyperson archetype in your profile you are likely to work well in teams or on committees. Leadership isn't as important as building consensus and ensuring that everyone has their say.

Traps to Avoid: The Everyperson archetype can sometimes lead to risk avoidance that inhibits new ideas. They can get so caught up in making sure that everything is fair that the ultimate mission can get lost.

Ideal Company Culture: The Everyperson will feel comfortable in a workplace that is focused on teams without a lot of layers of management. A relaxed dress code and a clear set of performance standards also make for a good fit.

Potential Career Matches:
Construction & Installation

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