Career Test: What's Your Workplace Personality?

Find Out Which of the 12 Career Archetypes You Fit Into

3. The Sage

The Sage never stops learning and has a desire to understand everything. This understanding doesn't necessarily mean a desire to act on that truth, which can sometimes keep the Sage a dispassionate observer in his or her own life.

Strengths: Discovering the deeper truths in situations means that the Sage is less likely to get caught up in an emotional reaction to short term problems. You may have a capacity for critical analysis and tend to be a good strategic thinker.

Traps to Avoid: The Sage can study issues forever and never act. There is also a danger of getting caught up in a particular way of studying an issue, shutting out new or revolutionary ways of doing things.

Ideeal Company Culture: If Sage is dominant, you will feel most comfortable in a learning culture where people are valued as much for their knowledge and expertise as for the amount of work they generate.

Potential Career Matches:
Consulting Services
Science & Research
Legal Services

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