13 Things Your Desk Says About You

For Better or Worse, the Condition of Your Workspace Reflects on You

Wait...Who Works Here Again??

We've talked a lot about not overdoing it with personal effects on your desk, but there's also the other end of the spectrum to consider.

If your desk is so barren that nobody would know who sits there if not for the nameplate, that's something you should remedy at once. Just like too many family photos, framed diplomas and industry awards can be off-putting, the absence of all these things sends another message in and of itself.

Loosen up a little. Allow those professional journals a little shelf space. A diploma or two might fit up there as well. Don’t think of them as clutter but rather as conversational cues. No one needs to know you're a closet Trekkie and ComFest devotee, but it won’t hurt anyone to know where you earned your MBA or whether or not you're devoted to your family. 

Besides, if your boss sees a barren desk it might look like you're hesitant to settle in and get comfortable because you're looking to jump ship.