2013 Wasting Time at Work Survey

Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Wasting Time in the Office

Wasted Time Occurs BECAUSE of Work Too

Although employees have a multitude of ways to waste time on the job, sometimes the job itself and the workplace in general is the culprit.

For the second year in a row, employees chose "too many meetings" as the biggest distraction and waste of time presented by the workplace. Meetings topped the list with 19% of total respondents picking it as the biggest problem. Surprisingly, complaints about bosses fell all the way at the bottom. Here's the full list when people were asked "What's the biggest distraction in your workplace?":

  • Inefficient team members: 17%
  • Coworkers: 17%
  • Office politics: 13%
  • Busy work: 13%
  • Other: 11%
  • My boss: 8%