3 Reasons Not to Negotiate Salary After Accepting an Offer

Sometimes It's a Good Thing NOT to Negotiate Salary

Opportunity Knocks

“John” recently wrote to me with an interesting story of his job search, and his new dilemma. As a Senior Manager at a large company a few years ago, he was making $85,000 before finally getting promoted to Director, which included a base salary bump to $100,000 and a generous bonus program.

Things were going great for almost a year before the economy caught up with him and he was laid off. Fortunately, his spouse also earned a good living and he took the opportunity to take a break and spend more time with his children. While enjoying this life for nearly two years, an opportunity came out of the blue (he wasn’t even sending out resumes). A former co-worker set him up on an interview and after several meetings, he landed an offer and the topic of salary came up.