4 Questions You Need to Ask During Your Job Interview

Non-salary Job Interview Questions That No One Else is Asking

3. "What is the office layout and does it change depending on the kind of work being done?"

For years, one question you were told to ask is “What is the company culture like?” Certainly you want to make sure your personality is a match, whether it’s a buttoned-up law firm or laid back creative agency. Progressive startups have pushed their culture to the point where it is almost an extension of college campus living, filled with food, foosball, on-site gyms, and napping stations.

But moving forward, Groth and Nisen contend that the actual design of an office has never been more important. Here's why:

  • Arguments can be made on both sides for an “open office” layout. Does it foster collaboration, or have we just created a room full of 50 individuals wearing headphones?
  • What percentage of employees work remotely? In the future, the presentation states that “assigned desks or cubicles will be less necessary and less common.”
  • Will you even report to a central office? With a greater number of freelance and contract employees, anywhere from co-working spaces to coffee shops could serve as home base.
  • How can companies get creative with space? Cranking out an individual project, collaborating with a small group, or presenting to clients… each situation requires a different atmosphere for getting work done efficiently.