4 Questions You Need to Ask During Your Job Interview

Non-salary Job Interview Questions That No One Else is Asking

2. "What technology is used to get work done, and who does it belong to?"

The presentation highlighted another line that is being blurred – whether you use a company-issued or personal device to get work done. Sure, during the day, you might spend all your time on a work-issued laptop. But what about when you step out for lunch or check email later on that evening?

Several years ago when I first started at my last company, I had a Treo specifically for work email and had just purchased my first iPhone. At the time I really liked the distinction… work was for work, and personal was for personal. I could leave my Treo at home when I went away for the weekend and truly be unplugged, and the IT department wasn’t dialed into my new smartphone in any way.

But as time moved on, it seemed downright silly to carry 2 devices. While it doesn’t make IT’s job any easier keeping things secure when employees are logging on from iPads in Illinois and laptops in London, having access anytime, anywhere can be both a pro and a con.