4 Ways to Advance Your Career This Summer

How to Enjoy Summer While Still Getting Ahead at Work

4. Learn Something New

If the pace of your work slows down a bit in the summer, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill on the side. These could fall into a few different categories.

  • Higher learning. Maybe you’ve watched as co-workers with an MBA or other advanced degree leap-frogged over you for that promotion – and higher salary. This could be a good time to get back to school and expand that education, whether it’s an additional degree or a required certification for your industry.
  • Updated skills. Have you been working so hard that you haven’t had time to keep up with the latest technology? Now’s the time to take that class in blogging, Twitter, Photoshop, web analytics, or digital video editing.
  • Side hustles. Is there a passion project you’ve been meaning to get to? Go ahead and start that food or travel blog, take an improv class, or buy a block of yoga classes. The benefits could include doing something fun and enjoyable, better performance at your current job, or the first step toward making a little money on the side.