5 Reasons You Should Be Transparent at Work

Why Coming Clean Will Help You Advance & Lack of Transparency Will Hurt You

5. Develop Your Own Style of Transparency

While there are best practices out there about what, how, and when to disclose, the most effective approach is to develop one’s unique style. In essence, "transparency" can be simply defined as a way of communicating that seeks to inform, not conceal. The latter, according to George Orwell in "1984", is obvious in the tone, language, reasoning, and material cited by tyrannical nations and organizations. 

A master in putting her own imprint on disclosure has been U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She goes from one job to a more powerful one, seamlessly weaving a persona -- from wife and mother to first lady to impassioned senator to astute head diplomat -- for the new position and with Clintonesque charm manages the mechanisms that give various constituencies access to her. Of course she’s a pro in cooperating with the media. Earlier in her career she leveraged the publishing of books to allow others to peer in. Although her grasp of impression management in those monographs was obvious, many in the media were satisfied that they learned a good deal about who this leader was.