5 Job Hunting Tips When You Already Have a Job

Job Hunting Can Get Tricky When You're Already Employed

Make the Best of a Good Situation

In many ways, it is an ideal situation. Looking for a job while you already have one has many benefits. You can take your time to find a job that you love without feeling the pressure of having to pay the rent. You get to bone up on your interviewing skills, and discover if the field that you’re interested in is really a fit for you.

That is, if you don’t get caught.

The one huge caveat about job hunting while you have a job is just that…you already have a job. And if your boss or catty colleague catches wind that you’re interviewing for another position, you could potentially put your current job at risk. So even though it may feel like you’re being sneaky, it’s best to be subtle when you’re looking for a new job. Here’s how.