5 Resume Strategies That Will Get You Hired

From the Wording to the Format, Think Hard About What Goes on Your Resume

The Importance of a Plan

Developing a resume, especially when it’s your own, can be a nail-biting experience. Most people do not have to use a resume except every few years so getting the resume ready is not like writing an email – something that is done every day. There are so many different aspects to a great resume -- content, wording, style, format, design -- but most importantly, strategy. The strategy part is where most people miss the boat and fall in the water. 

Most job seekers do not consider the audience and instead compose the resume for themselves. Big mistake! A resume should be written for the reader -- the hiring manager, the recruiter, the gatekeeper, the decision-maker, etc. As a job seeker, you are emotionally connected to information in your past so you have a skewed perspective on what should and should not be included in your resume.