5 Ways to Get Ahead During Summer

Summer Presents Unique Opportunities for You to Advance Your Career

3. Double Down on Networking

When it comes to expanding your realm of business connections and advancing your career, there are two rules that always rise to the top:

  1. The vast majority of jobs are found through networking
  2. You need to build your network before you need it

Summer activities present some unique opportunities you might not have at other times throughout the year. Instead of meeting the person in the suit and tie (and scarf and overcoat) stuffed into the folding chair next to you at a crowded conference in February, strike up a conversation with the guy next to you in cargo shorts and flip flops while you wait your turn for the next burger coming off the barbecue grill. 

Whether it’s a summer wedding, backyard fireworks, or a concert in the park, expanding your social circle can often lead to business leads or job offers once the dog days of August are over.