6 Signs Your Boss Hates You

How to Tell If You've Fallen Out of Favor with Your Boss

2. Lack of Feedback

The only thing worse than constant negative feedback from your boss, is no feedback at all.

At least when your boss is dumping on you, you know he/she still cares enough to say something. But if you're handing in work on a consistent basis and getting zero positive or negative feedback, it could mean your boss doesn't view you as a valued team member and therefore doesn't care what you do. It's possible your time could be limited and you're not being coached up because your boss knows you won't be around much longer.

SOLUTION: If you can find something else that’s a better fit, you might want to pull the trigger. But if you need the job and want to stay, you have to take matters into your own hands. Pull out your dusty copy of your employee handbook and find the section on employee reviews. Is yours way past due? If so, cite that in an email to your boss in which you specifically ask for feedback in the hopes of improving your performance. Couch it in a way that shows you’re ever-eager to evolve and improve. As an added bonus, it serves as written proof that you’re doing your part if it gets to the point of termination or HR getting involved.