6 Tips for Finding a New Job After Getting Fired

Tips for Getting Out of a Rut & Back on the Horse

What to Do After You Get the Axe

Maybe you thought everything was going fine at your job, and you were shocked to get your walking papers. Maybe you made a mistake that led to being let go. Whatever the reason for being fired, the effects can be devastating financially and emotionally -- often leaving people drained of their savings and their self-esteem.

But the effects don't end there, says Dana Manciagli, veteran hiring manager and author of "Cut the Crap, Get a Job!" She points out for better or worse, it's much easier to find a new job when you're still employed, in part because of some hiring managers' negative perceptions.

"There's the idea that companies don't let go of their best people, even in the worst of times," she said. "So, if you're unemployed because your company let you go, then the perception -- and it's not always right -- is that you weren't one of the top performers. That is the stigma."

But that stigma doesn't have to stand in your way, as Manciagli says "the world around us is filled with people who were fired and who've been rehired -- because they handled it well."

The following tips can help you best handle your job search after you've been fired, so feelings of disappointment and self-doubt, as well as the negative perceptions of others, won't stand in your way as you try to find a new job.