6 Tips for Finding a New Job After Getting Fired

Tips for Getting Out of a Rut & Back on the Horse

5. Deal with Your Emotions

Although Manciagli doesn't suggest putting your entire professional life on hold to grieve the loss of a job, it does make sense to work through your feelings during your job search. You may need to vent to someone during this time -- friends, family members or even a therapist -- so you can get negative feelings out of your system and out of your job search. This is important because it will help improve how you feel, as well as how you project yourself to others.

"No hiring manager wants to hire a negative person, so don't badmouth the boss and don't badmouth the company," she said. "When you're job searching, you can't have that negativity because it will come through during an interview or when you're networking. You have to contain it or it will taint the perception of even those who want to help you."