7 Ways Your Looks Affect Your Pay

It Might Not Be Fair, But the Way You Look Plays a Part in How Much You’re Paid

Looks Matter, But Performance Matters More

Hiring managers are human. Some of them don’t even realize they’re engaging in discriminatory practices by judging physical appearance, and while that’s no excuse it is something you should know as a job seeker or employee.

As always, place as much emphasis as possible on your strengths, skills and potential to help the company. Looks might work to someone’s advantage initially, but attractiveness alone is not enough. More often than not, hard work and results will be the difference-maker, so focus on the positive effect you have on the bottom line to make yourself indispensable and irresistible as an employee.

And if you are turned away because of your looks, chances are you’ll be better for it to avoid working for an organization that values physical appearance over job performance.