7 Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

Food for Thought Before You Start on Your Business Adventure

5. For Better or For Work

For Better or For Work
by Meg Cadoux Hirshberg

Do you live with an entrepreneur? Are you an entrepreneur living with the daily pressures of managing a business and a family. Do you sometimes wonder how anyone does this and maintains their sanity? This question summarizes the constant struggle for balance faced by company founders and their families. Author Meg Cadoux Hirshberg examines the impact of entrepreneurial businesses—for better or worse—on families and relationships, and vice versa.

Practically, this is a critical guide to navigating the emotional and logistical waters of business-building while simultaneously enjoying a fulfilling family life. From the trials of co-habiting with a home-as-business scenario, to the queasy process of borrowing/re-paying money lent by family and friends, and the complexities of handing the reins to the next generation. A must-read for the entrepreneur and partner alike. A thorough, witty and engaging read.