7 Performance Review Myths

Myth 1: My input is ignored during the performance review process.

Fact: Eighty-three percent of employers surveyed stated that employee input is used in the performance review process.
Your input to a performance review carries more value than you may realize. This is your opportunity to highlight your achievements and professional development over the review period. By not taking the performance review process seriously or not investing enough time in self reviews, you may be sending the message to your employer that you don't value the process or understand its impact. This is the appropriate time for you to document what you have done for your employer since your last review, and to promote how you are delivering value to the company.

Tip: Keep a journal documenting your key achievements on a weekly or even daily basis so you can easily reference your accomplishments over the entire performance review period. Being able to show measurable results will help you to make a case for advancement and will show your boss that you care about your professional development.