7 Signs You Have Terrible People Skills

"Soft" Skills & Emotional Intelligence Will Help Get You Hired & Promoted

Skills: Hard vs Soft

As your career progresses one of your goals is to ensure that your "hard" skills -- tangible, teachable skills and abilities that allow you to perform your job -- are up to snuff. But in your effort to hone your hard skills, don't ignore your "soft" skills.

Soft skills, sometimes called "people skills" or "emotional intelligence," are less tangible qualities that determine how you manage your own behavior, as well as interact with and get along with others. While soft skills are more difficult to measure than hard skills, they are just as important when it comes to job prospects and advancement. 

We spend years mastering on our hard skills. We should spend a comparable amount of time proactively improving our soft skills. This article explores 7 ways lack of soft skills can kill your career.