7 Things Never to Say When Asking for a Raise

Avoid These Pitfalls While Asking Your Boss for More Money

5. "I Can't Pay My Bills"

Financial hardship is no joke and it’s heartbreaking for the people going through it, as well as friends – and even bosses – who have to watch them suffer. But just because you're struggling doesn’t mean you deserve a raise.

Times are still tough, and whether you work at a large or small business, you’re likely not alone in your struggle. And your company can’t realistically afford to give a raise to everyone just because they're behind on their bills.

Also, when you begin salary negotiations you want to approach it from a position of strength, focusing on all the things you bring to the table. But if you lead with your financial woes and use that as a springboard to ask for more money, it seems like you’re trying to guilt your way into a pay increase and comes across as begging.