7 Tips for Attention-Grabbing Resumes

Craft Your Resume Like a News Story to Get Attention

3. Factual Content

The next section in your resume will be purely factual and will consist of your current and previous employment history. This should be nothing more than a short listing with company names, your title or position, the dates you were employed, and company location (address or city if you have relocated during your career). Despite the temptation, do not fudge things here. It will come back to bite you.

Notice I did not mention a list of accomplishments achieved during your employment in each listing. For the purpose of my short-form/one-page resume (designed to successfully navigate resume-filtering software) I like to keep it short. I’m fond of white-space, because my goal is to receive a call from the recruiter. I WANT them to call me asking for more information at which point I will send along my traditional resume.