7 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable

Tips for Keeping Your Job When Everyone Else is Losing Theirs

Don't Sink Your Own Ship Via Email

While in-person meetings and phone calls are still preferable, emails are such an integral part of our everyday business lives that you must make sure you are portraying yourself in a professional and positive light.

Think before you send a negative or scathing email. Think about what you want to say and -- more importantly -- whether or not your really want to hit the "send" button. Remember these emails are written in pencil, not ink. And it can easily be forwarded to someone else and can get stored in your employee file, coming back to haunt you during performance reviews or when management looks at organizational restructuring.

Be smart. Before you send, sit on it. It used to be that people would hand write letters and it would take a lot of thought to craft them. Then you would address the envelope and mail it. That allows for a lot of time to reflect on the wisdom of sending it. Emails, on the other hand, are instantaneous and there is no "unsend" button.