8 Ways Pinterest Can Help Your Job Search

Used Correctly, Pinterest Can be a Valuable Tool to Aid in Your Job Search

Pinterest: Time-Waster or Career-Starter?

Pinterest, with more than 11.7 million users and a recent value of $1.5 billion, is the fastest growing social network since Facebook. First used by a mostly female demographic to create and share online "pinboards" devoted to topics like fashion, food, event planning, and interior design, Pinterest is rapidly finding favor with other groups of people, including job seekers. 

Pinterest allows users to create "pinboards" on specific topics. Users find images and videos that are relevant to the topic, and add them to the board. But can you "pin" your way to your next job? Or is saying you can merely a way to justify the hours you spend on this addicting new site? Recently, spent some time using Pinterest to determine its value to the typical job seeker. The verdict? Pinterest is not the answer to unemployment, but used judiciously it does have some merit.

This article explores 8 smart ways to use Pinterest during your job search.