9 Words That Should Never Be on Your Resume

Why Certain Words & Phrases Hurt Your Chances of Being Hired

Skip the Overused Buzzwords

A resume is your calling card. Your first impression. Your bait to reel in the big fish. Unfortunately, instead of live bait, far too many job seekers are fishing for new jobs with nothing more than a lifeless, rotting worm.

Do you know how many resumes hiring managers read when there’s a job opening? It’s routinely in the hundreds, and sometimes can rise even higher. So when you’re sorting through that many resumes (and only spending six or seven seconds on each one, I might add), things get pretty repetitious. The same buzzwords pop up over and over and over again, to the point they lose all meaning and eyes glaze over when stumbling across them.

What happened to standing out? Being unique? Making your mark? Those are all things employers look for when choosing candidates, but you’re never going to accomplish that goal if you’re over-using these tired words and phrases.