9 Reasons Why You Should Nap at Work

6. Naps are Good for Companies.

Check out these companies that have shunned the stereotype of the lazy napper and integrated napping into their corporate culture.

  • Nike, the company urging everyone to "just do it," has relaxation rooms so its employees can periodically do the opposite.
  • Google lets employees snooze inside individual napping pods.
  •, features a “quiet room” with couches for naps. It previously had napping pods, but employees preferred couches, so the room was changed back.
  • Gould Evans Goodman Associates, a Kansas City architectural firm, provides "spent tents" equipped with pillows, blankets and alarm clocks.
  • Yarde Metals, a Connecticut-based metal manufacturer and distributor, has a corporate leisure room with a waterfall, off of which are four smaller rooms, equipped with leather recliners, where employees can stretch out 20-30 minutes at a time. 
  • Lippe Taylor, a New York public relations agency, has Serenity Rooms outfitted with large sofas, blankets and cozy chairs (cell phones and Blackberry's not welcome).