9 Things You Should Never Say When Asking for a Raise

Avoid These Pitfalls at All Costs When Negotiating a Raise

8. "I haven't had a raise since..."

When you're trying to convince someone to invest you, it's best to avoid complaining right off the bat.

Look, we get it. You haven't had a raise in three years despite being an above average employee, and you're ticked off. It's understandable. But you have to understand that unless you were working at a recession-proof company, times were tough all around. Many businesses lost money and lots of employees endured far worse than simply not getting a raise. If you're going to focus on yourself, make it about your strengths and what makes you valuable as an employee. Harping on the negative comes off as lazy and self-absorbed -- not the messages you want to be sending to the person who controls the purse strings.