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Recent Episodes

Salary Talk Episode 20: Why Women Don't Get Paid Like Men & What to Do About It

More women than ever are entering the workforce. The number of women earning college degrees has now passed that of men. We are seeing an increase in the number of female executives at major corporations. So why are women still earning just 77 on the dollar compared to men? This week's guest is Evelyn Murphy, author of "Getting Even: Why Women Don't Get Paid Like Men & What to Do About It," who explains the wage gap and offers some solutions to women (and men) regarding how best to bridge it.

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Salary Talk Episode 19: Hard Goals

Out with SMART goals and in with HARD goals. Mark Murphy, author of "Hard Goals: The Secret to Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be," said HARD (Heartfelt, Animated, Required, Difficult) goals keep people more motivated and more involved. When employees are able to collaborate on their annual goals they feel more emotionally and personally connected, and therefore more likely to attain success. Murphy has pointers for people looking to achieve more, and also tips on how to "break chunks" off larger goals to avoid frustration.

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Salary Talk Episode 18:'s Holiday Roundtable

While most of you are already familiar with Aaron and Wendy---the hosts of Salary Talk---this week we bring in Patrick and Mike, two other employees, to get all of your questions answered. While Wendy gives a great primer/refresher on properly using the Salary Wizard, Patrick talks about the for Business site while Mike explains some of what we do in terms of partnerships. And as a bonus, Aaron defies Wendy (yet again) and gives a few too many hints on the brand new look will have by the end of January as we finish up the big site redesign.

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Salary Talk Episode 17: How to Work for an Idiot

So you have an idiot boss. Now what? Dr. John Hoover is the author of "How to Work for an Idiot: Survive & Thrive Without Killing Your Boss," and this week he talks to Aaron and Wendy about what to do if---like so many of us have at one point or another---you work for an idiot. But while some people might read the title and assume this one big kvetching session about bad bosses, they're wrong. Find out how deal with---and even tame---your Idiot Boss and you might even learn something about yourself while you're at it.

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Salary Talk Episode 16: How to Deal with Bad Bosses, Crazy Coworkers & Office Idiots

Do you have the Boss From Hell? Is he/she an Insatiable Narcissist? Is one of your coworkers a Veteran Hack or Spineless Sycophant? If so, this podcast is for you.Vicky Oliver wrote the book "Bad Bosses, Crazy Coworkers & Other Office Idiots: 201 Smart Ways to Handle the Toughest People Issues." And in doing so, she provided employees everywhere with a reference guide for horrible bosses, exasperating coworkers and just about every office issue in existence. She identifies problems, gives solutions and helps you figure out how to save yourself some anxiety in the workplace.

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Salary Talk Episode 15: Dream Jobs: Executive Chef Ed Glebus
Continuing with our Dream Jobs series, Aaron and Wendy talk to Ed Glebus, who works as an executive Chef on the west coast. Glebus is the general manager and executive chef for CulinArt, a corporate dining company in San Diego. Glebus oversees all food service for the telecommunications company Qualcomm, cooking and serving more than 2,000 meals a day for 12,000 employees in seven locations.
Listen to Glebus' journey from his first days as a cook at D'Angelo sub shop to his years spent earning valuable on-the-job experience working at restaurants across the United States. Find out what it takes to be an executive chef, listen to some kitchen horror stories and get some free advice from a professional.
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Salary Talk Episode 14: "Fully Engaged" Employees Who Are Happy at Work Are Also Better Parents and Spouses at Home
"There is nothing more important for a person or an organization than full engagement." That quote from Rudy Karsan, CEO and Chairman of Kenexa ('s parent company), is the basis for his book We: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement. Karsan says motivated, fully engaged employees want to go the extra mile to achieve goals. In this podcast, Karsan talks to Aaron and Wendy about the significant implications engagement has on employees and businesses. Essentially, the days of punching a time clock and leaving your work at the door when you go home are over, Karsan says.
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Salary Talk Episode 13: How Introverts Can Get Noticed and Get Ahead at Work

Are you uncomfortable in group settings? Do you abhor public speaking? Do you have better ideas than the loudmouths in your office, yet you watch helplessly as they get promoted while you're barely noticed working silently in your cubicle? If so, you're likely an introvert who is going to need some help from this week's guest, Nancy Ancowitz, author of "Self-Promotion for Introverts: The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead."

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Salary Talk Episode 12: Mike Rowe, Host of TV's "Dirty Jobs," Talks About the State of Jobs in America
Mike Rowe, host of the Discovery Channel's emmy-nominated show "Dirty Jobs.," talks to Wendy and Aaron about something vital to this country's sustainability. Motivated by his grandfather's work ethic, Mike has set out to address the nation's aversion to hard work, the steady decline in the trades and the skilled labor shortage that is crippling this country...
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Salary Talk Episode 11: Women Don't Ask: the High Cost of Avoiding Negotiation
Linda Babcock, co-author of "Women Don't Ask: The High Cost of Avoiding Negotiation and Positive Strategies for Change," joins Aaron & Wendy on this week's Salary Talk and talks openly and honestly about why women don't negotiate, why negotiating their own self-worth makes them anxious and what they can do to fix it. If you're a woman who falls into this category, or just as important if you're a manager with female employees, Linda offers some incredibly important tips and strategies to better ensure equality between the sexes. This podcast may be about women, but it's got something to offer everyone and Linda is a nationally renowned expert on gender studies.
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Salary Talk Episode 10: Dream Jobs: Voice Actor Jennifer Hale
You might not recognize Jennifer Hale's name or picture, but if you're into animated television shows and especially video games, Hale's voice is instantly recognizable. Also known as female Commander Shepard in the ...
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Salary Talk Episode 9: How to Look and Act Like a Millionaire Even If You're Not
Like it or not, money is power. And if you want to be included in powerful circles, you need to look and act the part. But how can you look and act like a millionaire without the millions? Enter Vicky Oliver, whose ...
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Salary Talk Episode 8: How to Keep Your Cool When Emotions and Stakes Are High
Have you ever felt ambushed during a business meeting? Or have you either clammed up or lashed out at a boss when unexpected criticisms come your way during a performance review? If so, chances are you were in a ...
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Salary Talk Episode 7: Get Paid What You're Worth
Why is it so important to negotiate salary following a job offer? There are millions of reasons. Literally. On this week's podcast, Aaron and Wendy talk to Robin Pinkley, who says people who don't negotiate salary could ...
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Salary Talk Episode 6: Use Personal Branding to Get Hired and Stand Out In a Crowd
Figure out what you're good at, maximize your strengths and create your authentic personal brand to get hired. William Arruda, a branding expert and author of "Career Distinction: Stand Out By Building Your Brand," says ...
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Salary Talk Episode 5: Find Out What Employees Want Most and Give It to Them
What do employees really want most? It's a question Dr. Jack Wiley, executive director of the Kenexa High Performance Institute, has spent more than 25 years researching. On today's episode of Salary Talk, Aaron and ...
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Salary Talk Episode 4: Who Gets Promoted, Who Doesn't and Why
If you're a fast-tracker striving for career advancement like a heat-seeking missile then this is a podcast you can't afford to miss. On this week's episode of Salary Talk, Aaron and Wendy interview Donald Asher, author ... Read More
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Salary Talk Episode 3: Negotiating Your Salary - How to make $1000 a Minute
Are you on the verge of negotiating the terms of a new job? Or maybe you're trying to get a raise, but have no idea how to go about it? On this week's episode of Salary Talk, Aaron and Wendy chat with Jack Chapman, a ...
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Salary Talk Episode 2: Pulitzer Prize Winner Stuart Diamond on Getting More
On this week's episode of Salary Talk Aaron and Wendy chat with Stuart Diamond, the Pulitzer Prize winning former journalist turned Wharton Business School professor who literally wrote the book on negotiation when he ...
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Salary Talk Episode 1: The Career Coward's Guide to Career Advancement
On this edition of Salary Talk,'s official podcast, we talk to author and career coach Katy Piotrowski about all things related to job hunting and negotiation. She gives tips regarding best practices during ...
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