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Types of competencies

There are many types of competencies that can help you align your human capital initiatives with your business goals and strategies. Whether your needs are broad or specific, ITG can provide a competencies solution that’s right for you.

Business – General business knowledge and skills.

Individual – Knowledge, abilities and behaviors that result in an individual’s personal effectiveness and effective interactions with others.

Functional – Job specific, i.e. “technical” to the particular job competencies.

Core – General competencies that have been defined for everyone in the organization.

Leadership – Competencies specific to leadership roles.

Management – Competencies specific to management or supervisory roles and are generally more task oriented than leadership competencies.

To learn more about the different types of competencies and which ones may be right for your business, request an ITG Competencies consultation today.

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Customer Testimonials
"We were looking to do a wholesale update of all our technology job descriptions and competencies. The ITG Competency Model gave us an incredible starting point in terms of identifying job families, roles within each job family and the critical competencies for each job."

- Large Canadian bank
"Salary.com’s knowledgeable consultant transformed a complex subject into something actionable and very easy to understand, enabling us to focus our energy on executing rather than planning."

- Full service outsourcing provider
"We purchased the Insurance Enterprise Competency Model from Salary.com’s ITG Competency Group because of the completeness and quality of the product. Since then we experienced ITG’s phenomenal service. Very impressive."

- Large mutual insurance company
"We found ITG was the only vendor who provided functional competency information for all of our required job families in manufacturing and corporate functions. ITG’s Competency Management Implementation Guide and consulting support provided a solid roadmap for launching our initiative."

- US based global manufacturing company
"I liked the tremendous depth of experience that is evident in working with the ITG staff. The Job-Competency Model provided us with a great foundation as we started down the talent management road."

- Large US bank
"ITG has the most comprehensive set of technical competencies in the marketplace. Using the ITG competency data as a starting point reduced the time and effort to build our company specific model and enabled us to implement competency based management much sooner than expected."

- Global professional services firm
"ITG’s depth of competency management knowledge and client focus was expertly blended to achieve our business goals."

- Worldwide information technology services and solutions company