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Ask Annette:
Not in My Job Description

If you don't say something directly to your coworker, they will continue to treat you as if you were one of their People. You can't have that. You have Things to Do. Read more...

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  Chummy Boss
Having sensitive information about your coworkers can wear a conscience down. Should you hoard the information? Pass it along to the grapevine? They call it "dirt" for a reason. Read more...
  Kids at Work
Do daycare emergencies flood your office with offspring? The situation becomes tense as the visitors threaten to flatten the entire organization like miniature consultants.
  Corporate Workout
At the gym, show your team skills as you glisten with perspiration and good manners at the same time. But whatever you do, don't ask your boss for a raise when both of you are naked. Read more...
  To the Letter
Alas, our societal longhand muscle has atrophied. Yet at the same time, printing out a business letter is becoming a specialized skill. Could you put your own business correspondence in the mail if you had to? Read more...
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