Why Americans are Too Scared to Negotiate Salary

Lack of Confidence & Skills are Top Reasons Workers Don't Negotiate

Negotiating for the Future

So with all this talk of negotiation, are workers planning on asking for raises this year? If so, how much?

Sixty-nine percent of respondents plan on asking for a raise in 2013. Most people – 32% of them – plan on asking for a raise between 1-5%. After that, 15% of workers will ask for a 6-9% raise, 13% will ask for a 10-14% raise, 6% will ask for a raise of 20% or more, and 4% are going for a 15-19% pay hike.

Sixteen percent said they’re not comfortable asking for a raise this year, while 10% said they’re not asking because they’re content with their current rate of pay.