Are Young Workers the "Go Nowhere" Generation?

While Some Think Millennials Are the Lost Generation, Scott Gerber Plans to #FixYoungAmerica

How Do We Fix Young America?

Scott Gerber isn’t ready to give up. He founded the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), which is spearheading #FixYoungAmerica, a solutions-based campaign in partnership with dozens of organizations hoping to provide real, actionable solutions to chronic youth under- and unemployment, which, Gerber explains, is the worst it has been in 60 years. 

With the campaign, YEC and its partners are promoting entrepreneurship and, more broadly, entrepreneurial thinking and learning, as a long-lasting and scalable antidote to the problems keeping Millennials stuck. The organization has big goals and a roadmap with a target of, "Restoring the American dream, not just to Gen Y but to their children and their children’s children." Gerber explains most young people know about the problems, but not the solutions, and said "We need to start talking about answers -- not just issues."

In the following Q & A, Gerber explains the movement's plans, what they hope to accomplish, and how you can help.