Jim Hopkinson

Jim Hopkinson is an author, writer, and speaker living in New York City, and has created a free online salary negotiations course. His focus is on career development for the new economy, showing how new media, technology and branding are changing how people look at their career and lifestyle.

Jim also created a step-by-step tutorial at GetYourNameToday.com to show job seekers how to register their name and build a website in just 7 minutes.

His book “Salary Tutor” has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, New York Post, and Forbes. He hosts a popular blog and podcast called “The Hopkinson Report” that teaches people how to pursue their ideal career and lifestyle, as well as a conference called Reboot Workshop. In addition to his SalaryTutor Twitter, you can also follow Jim at @HopkinsonReport.

Articles By Jim Hopkinson