It's who you know, not what you know. Like it or not, many people land job interviews and other opportunities simply because they're well connected and know the right people. Now, with countless online and social media tools available, it's easier than ever to plug into the right networks and locate the people who can help you get a job and advance your career. Our articles and expert advice will map out the best networking methods, identify the most opportune websites for networking and provide invaluable tips.

Networking Advice

  • 12 Communication Tips to Win People Over

    Whether your audience is a roomful of caffeinated convention-goers or a lone gatekeeper to potential employment, your first task is engagement. Those initial seconds will either open a pathway or lay the first bricks of a wall — and … Read more...

  • How Millennials Can Transform Into Leaders

    How does the new generation of workers transform itself into leaders? In her new book, Becoming the Boss, Lindsey Pollak offers Generation Y readers advice to help them grow from team members to team leaders not only in the organizations … Read more...

  • 7 Things You Absolutely Need to Do Before a Job Interview

    Getting ready for the interview isn’t all about getting primped and pressed, although that’s important. You want to make a good first impression, but it’s that research you do ahead of time that will keep the questions flowing, build a … Read more...