Crimes of the Cubicle: 15 Desk Don'ts

Don't Let a Messy Cubicle Interfere with Your Career

Saving it for later

Yum! Half of a big crusty bakery muffin and the remains of that Paprika Maple Latte that you might want to finish later (if you decide you really do like it after all).

Define "later." If later will occur within the next hour, by all means keep the muffin (which can't be that good or you would have scarfed it down already) and your red flecked drink to the side on your desk. But put the muffin back in the bag and keep a lid on the latte. And they had better be from this morning, not last week.

Leftovers are bad enough in the fridge, left on your desk they will colonize. And mold is bad for business.