Today's Dads Are More Than Just a Paycheck

New Survey Shows More Than Half of Employed Men Feel Torn Between Work and Home

Men in the Media

The one thing the majority of both men and women agreed on in this survey is the fact that men (and especially fathers) are portrayed unfairly on TV, and in the media in general.

Sixty-one percent of those we surveyed said they feel fathers are often maligned as clueless dolts who can’t complete even the simplest household or kid-related task. And as you can see from the comments, the men we surveyed are tired of it.

"Mothers are always portrayed as the shrewd person who keeps everyone in check. Fathers seem like bumbling idiots," said one man. Another added "It's always the same. The dad is a chucklehead and the mom is the one who has it all under control. It’s a little disheartening really."

A woman we surveyed described how damaging these messages can be to fathers who are truly trying to change those perceptions.

"Dads are not stupid! To have them act that way on TV is wrong. They may make mistakes but that should be a lesson learned, not something to be put up for ridicule. Having the wife and kids think so little of him is such a bad example to bring before the public!"