Today's Dads Are More Than Just a Paycheck

New Survey Shows More Than Half of Employed Men Feel Torn Between Work and Home

Are Dads Their Own Worst Enemies?

Not all men are so eager to leave the workplace and participate in additional household duties.

For starters, 8 percent of men we surveyed think paid parental leave should be for mothers only. And while 45 percent of men have seriously considered quitting a job specifically because of companies with poor attitudes regarding work/life balance, less than half -- 49 percent -- would accept a job that pays less but offers a chance for more time at home.

Furthermore, when asked to pick the one aspect of their life they could improve, the men we surveyed said it's all about the cash. Thirty-five percent of men said they want to make more money, beating out the 29 percent who want to spend more time with family, 22 percent who want to pursue a lifelong dream, the 6 percent who want to earn a promotion, and the 2 percent who want to start a family.