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A.A.S. in Criminal Justice (Military Students Only)
Kaplan University -- If you want to work in the criminal justice field, this online degree could help prepare you to take that first step.* Kaplan University's Web-based program is designed to provide a solid foundation in the areas of law enforcement, courts, corrections, and security, as well as a liberal arts knowledge base and an understanding of the technical skil...
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A.A.S. in Criminal Justice and Criminology
Kaplan University -- Understanding the criminal mind and patterns associated with criminal behavior and activity can improve law enforcement response, enhance crime prevention efforts, and have a positive societal impact. This program is an excellent way to enhance your career options and pursue opportunities within the increasingly competitive criminal justice indus...
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A.A.S. in Legal Support and Services
Kaplan University -- This degree program is a sound first step if you are interested in beginning a career associated with the legal field.* More and more, legal staff and support service professionals are being hired beyond the doors of law firms; positions may be available in corporations, insurance firms, consulting firms, and health care institutions. This pro...
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Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies
South University -- Are you interested in getting a paralegal degree, and are you looking at paralegal schools? Well, discover how a South University Paralegal degree can help you learn the skills needed for this rewarding career. The Paralegal degree program is designed to provide educational training for individuals to serve as paralegals or legal assistants. The ...
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B.S. in Corrections
Kaplan University -- The supervision, counseling, and rehabilitation of both juvenile and adult offenders as well as community corrections, probation, and parole are just some of the many career options available in corrections.* If this is your calling, a Bachelor of Science in Corrections from Kaplan University may be right for you. Whether you currently work in co...
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B.S. in Criminal Justice
Kaplan University -- The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in criminal justice and a broad liberal arts education to help prepare you for a new career or advancement within the field.* The web-based baccalaureate program is taught by faculty who bring years of experience in the criminal justice field and help y...
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B.S. in Criminal Justice - Crime Scene Investigation
Kaplan University -- Study techniques for locating, collecting, and analyzing crime scene evidence used in courts of law. Identify boundaries of a crime scene and review the principles of searching the crime scene for specific types of evidence, identifiable forensic material, and other items of evidentiary value. As a graduate, you could pursue a crime investigation...
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B.S. in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security
Kaplan University -- Examine the roots of terrorism, response methods to weapons of mass destruction and other disaster incidents, crisis negotiation, and conflict resolution. The program is designed to help prepare criminal justice professionals, military personnel, or businesspeople for new opportunities in the field of criminal justice, especially with multination...
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B.S. in Criminal Justice - Juvenile Justice
Kaplan University -- Focus on the unique needs of youth in today s justice system. Examine sentencing, risk and needs assessment, psychology, intervention/diversion/prevention programs, communication and relationship building, case management, and more.
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B.S. in Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement
Kaplan University -- Examine the roles, responsibilities, issues, and trends related to contemporary law enforcement organizations. Explore evidence and proof. Study trial proceedings, constitutional concepts, and criminal case law. As a graduate, you could pursue advanced positions within police departments and other law enforcement agencies.* *Kaplan University ...
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