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A.O.S. - Practical Nursing (LPN)
Platt College -- Practical Nursing AOS You can earn your nursing degree Are you searching for a practical nursing school in Oklahoma? Platt College can help you prepare for entry-level practical nursing jobs in a little over a year! Many Oklahoma colleges offer LPN programs, but our coursework is developed to help you...
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A.S. - Medical Assistant
Southern Technical College -- Earn a Medical Assistant Associate Degree For many, working in the healthcare field isn t just a dream it s a calling. If this sounds like you, our Medical Assistant Associate degree program is a great way to get started in the field. This program is designed to expose you to both the administrative and clinical aspects of a healthcare enviro...
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A.S. - Medical Assisting
Southern Technical College -- "The Associate of Science degree program in Medical Assisting provides students with an academic program that leads to employment as an entry-level Medical Assistant with basic skills in both the administrative and clinical components of an ambulatory health care facility. Graduates of this program should also have the skills necessary to function ...
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A.S. - Medical Office Administration
Southern Technical College -- Become a Medical Office Administrator The Medical Office Administration program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to begin a career as an administrator or manager in a healthcare setting. During this 18-month Associate of Science program, students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience to help prep...
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A.S. - Nursing
Southern Technical College -- Earn a Nursing Associate Degree Today s nurses play a crucial role in the healthcare system. People in need of medical attention rely on nurses not only for their extensive nursing knowledge, but also for their support and caring nature. If you have a natural inclination to help others and a desire to work in the healthcare field, our Associate...
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A.S. - Surgical Technician
Southern Technical College -- Earn a Surgical Technician Associate Degree Do you have what it takes to work in a pressure-filled environment that requires close attention to even the smallest details? In our Surgical Technician program, you can prepare to work on a lifesaving team as a surgery technician in a fast-paced, challenging setting, such as a hospital, medical cent...
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Associate - Medical Assisting
Elmira Business Institute -- This 16-month program provides students with the skills and knowledge to perform clinical and administrative functions in a health care facility. Graduates may sit for Certified Medical Assistant exams.
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Associate - Medical Billing and Reimbursement
Elmira Business Institute -- Courses in this program offer instruction on diagnostic and procedural codes, patient information, data retrieval, analysis and claims processing. Graduates may find employment in a medical office environment.
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Associate of Science in Medical Assisting
South University -- Are you interested in medical assisting schools, but haven t yet found a medical assisting program right for you? The Associate of Science in Medical Assisting degree program at South University can be the first step toward a career of delivering healthcare treatment as a core member of the medical team. The curriculum places emphasis on the mast...
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Associate of Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant
South University -- The Associate of Science degree in Occupational Therapy Assistant Program is dedicated to providing educational opportunities of the intellectual, social and professional development of a diverse student population. Through its carefully balanced and sequenced curricular design over eight quarters, the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program pre...
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